“上帝没有完成,”肯伊·韦斯特在他的一首新歌的结束时反复唱“24”。在上帝的形象中,西部非常符合这一点;他也不喜欢用事物完成。然而,在这里我们有奇迹,一个真实的,蓝色的奇观,一个完成的“丹巴”,直到这个周末似乎准备挑战枪支“中国民主”,因为有史以来最受神秘的主要音乐释放。除非他将在我们身上提取一个“Pablo的生活”,除非它真的这样做 - 没有更多的调整和谈论,才能放在一系列最大的焦点小组面前。

With the album clocking in at a length of one hour and 47 minutes, with no fewer than 27 songs (although the last four are effectively alternate-version bonus tracks), there’s a lot to digest here… admittedly more than can be adequately coughed up as a day-1 reaction. What’s immediately clear is the inadequacy of the title to encapsulate West’s obsessions here. He returns just often enough to his late and beloved mother to almost plausibly claim concept-album status, but she has to share roughly equal space on his 2021 mantle of obsessions with Jesus,金卡戴珊,他自己和自然,德雷克,似乎比撒旦更困扰着我们的英雄。(在回答问题上,“耶稣会做什么?”,“我们有一个非常清晰的答案:他突然急于他的专辑击败魔鬼。)

在纯粹的音乐层面上,《唐达》几乎是无懈可击的;任何拖延发行的时间都是浪费。很难去争辩一张持续了将近两个小时的专辑苍蝇但在最后四次完全多余的混音之前,这是一个永远不会让人厌倦的系列,它交替着忧郁和敲打与精心打磨的动力感。这适用于福音的方式触动更巧妙地集成在“耶稣是王”以及他如何立即转向从周日服务choir-augmented“24”完全机械的“远程控制”,在其他时间工作嘻哈预兆等所有值得在数字“天堂与地狱”,然后到达一样的东西他与罗迪·里奇(Roddy rich)合作的《纯净的灵魂》(Pure Souls)很棒,这是专辑中使用管风琴的几首歌曲之一不是对福音的效果。

“Believe What I Say” has the kind of bass line that immediately makes it a great party song, even if lines like “Go on and get your best attorney” and “Lil’ baby Jesus ain’t laughing, no” may not fit anyone’s idea of club fodder. And he can pull out a pleasingly genre-crossing surprise like “Jail,” a highly melodic pop-alt-rock song with power chords and anthemic chorus lines that somebody like Imagine Dragons might give their dragons’ eye teeth for.

我想说的是,我们说的是专辑开头的“Jail”,而不是接近专辑结尾的“Jail Pt. 2”玛丽莲曼森达巴基尽管是前摇滚的强奸和性侵犯指控和诉讼,但后者的强奸和性攻击指控和诉讼,可能是2021年的音乐中最广泛的两大人物,以及后者说唱局的诉讼较少,更令人信服地悔改的同性恋恐惧症。Conceptually, it makes a kind of sense, maybe, in West’s biblically informed worldview — as well as in just a completely trolling worldview — to write a song that deals with original sin and backsliding, sort of, and then bring on two figures who could certainly rival the Apostle Paul as “the worst of all sinners.” But conceptual hubris aside… In a year in which there are so many urgent topical subjects someone wanting to zone in on the zeitgeist could have written about, what does it say about this album that the only moments on “Donda” that speak directly to Where We Are Now in 2021 are the verses in which DaBaby gets defensive about his gay-bashing and AIDS-shaming? “That food that you took off my table / You know that feed my daughters, huh?,” DaBaby asks, angrily appealing to his LGBTQ critics to have pity for his diminished income before affirming: “Only thing I did to you / Was always keep it real and true.”

但后来,基督徒谦卑和彻底的冲突是专辑中的重演,尽管西方比没有看到自豪,而不是缺陷。他对所谓的繁荣福音猖獗的普遍存在的五十多个圆锥论几十年来,他在这方面是猖獗的 - 这里没有缺席乔尔osteen的精神 - 这使得一些几乎漫画并置了。Guest rapper Styles of the Lox gets to the heart of this in a rhyme on the epic remix of “Jesus Lord” that ends the album: “Now I’m talkin’ to Jesus / Real shallow ****, probably pray for a gray coupe / Maybe the Lykan or a mansion out in the Seychelles.” (The expletive is deleted on the album itself; all curse words, including the N-word, have been edited out, making the “clean” version the only version.) In “Heaven and Hell,” it’s West himself quickly jumping from “We on Bezos, we get payrolls / Trips to Lagos, connect like LEGOs” to “Burn false idols, Jesus’ disciples” literally without the time to skip a heartbeat.

韦斯特绝对不希望德雷克来参加主日礼拜。当然,他的卡纳克宿敌的名字从来没有被提到过,但他的灵魂经常被呼唤:“让开我的释放之路/为什么失败者永远不会在和平中失败,”韦斯特在《顺雅》(Junya)中警告道(这是对日本设计师渡边淳弥的致敬),而在《好吧,好吧》中,他命令道,“你想进来玩G.O.A.T.弓吗?”这大概不是为了登上天父的宝座,而是,正如Jay-Z在《监狱》(Jail)中所写的那样,“宝座的回归/ Hova和Yeezus,就像摩西和耶稣。”没有Y-E就拼不出耶和华。

就此而言,这就是说,虽然“耶稣是国王”赢得了福音音乐协会的奖项,“唐达”,对于所有经常崇拜的敬虔的关切,可能不会像他的信仰制度一样与他的福音派弟兄们重叠。其中一些与特色艺术家有关,他们并不是那么坚持西方的信仰。拿着yancy,他的说唱了“好的”吹嘘,“我用手指带她去山上,”对“我所说的话”狡猾的口交参考是一个很好的补充。“任何担心的人都像德雷克一样在脸颊上用舌头曾经在脸颊上用过奇怪,那么西方可能永远不会回到“世俗”音乐可以轻松休息 - 他有,虽然专辑中的25次客人有时比明星更进一步。西部是像鲍勃迪伦一样的地方,也许是,当他跟随两个严格的福音派相册时,与过渡的“爱情射击”的关注。在“丹达”,西方并不害怕拍摄很多不尊重的镜头。

But some of the guests, certainly, are down with the mission, like the previously none-too-sacred-leaning Weeknd, who brings out an unknown gospel side on “Hurricane” with a chorus as ineffable as any on his albums’ that declares, “Finally free, found the God in me / And I want you to see, I can walk on water.” (A declaration of religious devotion, or a preview of the Weeknd’s next VMAs production number?) Also of note, West is not so tied to specifically Christian belief that he’s unwilling to allow equal time for the Islamic and other references that come from the album’s two Jays: Jay-Z (who suggests “pray five times a day” on “Jail”) and, at much greater length, from Jay Electronica (“My bars is like the pyramid temples of Pacal Votan / As sure as the DOJ confirmed Ezekiel’s wheel / I could change the world like Yacub with two pieces of steel” — well, of course).

在亵渎的风险中,“金是王者”可能是专辑的副标题,这是挑逗我们对他们的骨折关系的理解,是和可能的......如人类的婚礼,西部的人造婚姻进一步炫耀星期四晚上在芝加哥数百万媒体观众面前。“Lord I Need You” starts as a gospel song, then quickly becomes a confessional about his marriage… maybe written earlier, when it wasn’t yet to the point of a legal filing (“Startin’ to feel like you ain’t been happy for me lately, darlin’,” he sings, somewhat belatedly), or maybe in the hopes of a present-day reconciliation, based either in reality or keeping us intrigued. “But you came here to show that you still in love with me,” he asserts, in a line ripped right out of Friday morning’s headlines, seemingly.

“我需要你的主”不是专辑中唯一的ADHD歌曲,它开始作为一个奉献的国歌,然后以完全不同的方向绊倒。所以是“耶稣主”,它从西方开始了基督徒,然后用Jay Electronica进入一个不同的神秘主义,终于结束了,移动但不协调,由拉里胡佛儿子的话语,one of the imprisoned figures that West went to beseech then-president Trump about in 2018. It’s three perfectly good songs in one — but the sort of subject-changing thing that makes “Donda” sometimes feel like it includes 81 songs, not 27.

West does stay focused for at least one complete song, though, and it might be the best thing he’s ever done — certainly it’s the most beautiful: “Come to Life,” which utterly drops the pride — yes, he can do it — to focus on depression and humility, accompanied by cascading, overlapping pianos and guitar chords straight off a pure pop album… a great one. West will probably never sing a less proud couplet in his life than: “Brought a gift to Northie, all she wants is Nikes / This is not about me, God is still alive, so I’m free.” When the world’s most famous Adidas guy can sing that, you can believe in holy transformation.

在最佳歌曲之一《上帝无声》(God breathe)中,专辑MYP的嘉宾、歌手沃瑞(Vory)代替韦斯特唱道:“他们的心中充满了贪婪/好吧,现在他们想要以前的我。”问题是,无论好坏,我们在《唐达》(Donda)中看到的都是旧西部。周日的礼拜仪式是有原因的,但我们在周五晚上的礼拜仪式上,他又回到了自我吹嘘的对联,即使不是罪恶,也会犯老气,比如:“不是瓦坎达,但瓦坎达有点像我们要做的东西/谁会做呢?”菅直人,咄。”这是一种安慰性的食物,真的,让他如此坚定地处于他的自夸区……而且这并不一定会抵消圣餐薄饼。

Kanye West对耶稣,金,他的母亲,他自己和德雷克的痴迷,迷人的'Donda':专辑评论

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